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Introduction[Teuteu | edit source]

I live in New Zealand (as do thousands of speakers of Samoan, where Samoans make up the largest group of "Pacific" people after the indigenous Maori). I work mostly on the English Wikipedia and on several Wikia sites.

A Samoan-language pre-school centre (a'oga amata) recently expanded into a new building in my city (Porirua). It can take 75 children. Its opening was featured on Maori Television.

Please email me (or add a question to my "talk" page here) if you have questions about how you can contribute to the Samoan Wikipedia. I may be able to help, even though I do not speak or read more than a few words of Samoan. Because of my obvious interest in Pacific people I was recently invited to join Islanderfriends.com, where I have been actively promoting this site.

Possibly useful links[Teuteu | edit source]

Samoan-English[Teuteu | edit source]

  • Samoan-English and English-Samoan
  • Samoan_language - has a small vocab list, which I had on my office harddrive until I was made redundant in 2007 - "American Samoans have a rich language that remains the main language of the people. English is the second language and all islanders can speak english as well."

English-Samoan[Teuteu | edit source]

  • Do you speak English? 'E te mālamalama i le fa'aperetania?
  • Do you speak German? 'E te mālamalama i le fa'asiamani?
  • Do you speak French? 'E te mālamalama i le fa'afarani?
  • Could you speak more slowly, please? E mafai ona e tautala fa'agesegese
  • I understand 'Ua 'ou mālamalama
  • I don't understand 'Ou te lē mālamalama
  • Can you help me, please? E mafai ona 'e fesoasoani mai fa'amolemole?
  • It's important E tāua
  • What does this mean? 'O le ā le uiga o le mea lea?
  • What do you call this? 'O le ā le ta'u o le mea lea?

Miscellaneous[Teuteu | edit source]

Sometimes when I'm in a hurry I use this IP:

My first article here[Teuteu | edit source]

2004 was, I believe, the first article in Samoan to be created on this wiki. I copied a few news items from official sources. I hope many people can build on that.

2023[Teuteu | edit source]

Now over 1000 articles - but over 300 are uncategorised and the category structure could do with lots of TLC!

I now live in Feilding.