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Robin's first message to the Chat forum, under the topic "Do you speak Samoan?":

Talofa lava!

I don't speak Samoan and have never been outside New Zealand.

But I am interested in using my computer skills to help anyone keep alive any language that is at risk of being swamped by English. That's why I'm contributing a lot to a free Maori language encyclopedia and would be happy to help contribute to the related SAMOAN LANGUAGE ENCYCLOPEDIA. It can provide more scope for people who "started readin' anything as long as it was written in Samoan"!

The encyclopedia is called "Wikipedia". It's free to use, and ANYONE can add to it or change any article in it. The Samoan part of it is found on the Web at Wikipedia Samoa

As I said, I don't speak Samoan. But some parts of an encyclopedia don't require good knowledge of the language. I know how to find Samoan words to fit into some pages. Have a look at the "2004" page I put together with a bit of copying and pasting - and see if you can improve it straight away!

You can talk to me using that website or using my home address

Best wishes!